St. Joseph's Convent School


The emblem embodies within itself a mine of ideas and it indicates what the school stands for. The outer circle signifies the universe, the oneness of human family. The small cross symbolizes Jesus Christ, who is the power behind the meritorious and selfless service rendered by the institution.

The inscription on the emblem, “Learn dare to be wise”, exhorts the students to strive, to learn and to reach the pinnacle of perfect knowledge, the Eternal Wisdom.  The emblem is divided into four parts, depicting the power sources that shape and mould the child.  The divine dove on the upper left inspires the teacher and the taught to soar high, unencumbered by the fetters of caste, colour or creed.  Like the flower on the upper right, the students are expected to spread the fragrance of honesty, simplicity, peace, love and joy.

On the lower right is the emblem of the congregation of the Mother of Carmel (CMC), whose special charism is the education of women and children.  It is deep and profound experience of God which moves one into action.  The mountains represent the spirit of solitude, conducive to prayer and the fountain, which emerges from it, flows down into the river of action.  The book on the lower left urges the students to hunt for true knowledge in the pursuit of truth, ever widening their vision through scientific research and creative imagination.