St. Joseph's Convent School


In order to inculcate higher moral values in our puplis, the school implements an evaluation policy wherein it is mandatory for every student to score 50% marks in moral science for promotion to the next class. The character certificate of the Standard X students will be issued on the basis of the aforesaid evaluation.

The academic performance comprises 50 marks of Moral Science. The school considers every child as good and award the remaining 50 marks to every child at the beginning of each term for his/her value based life, good character and behaviour. However, it anyone is proved to be defaulting, any teacher of the school is at liberty to deduct from the awarded 50 marks according to the nature of the offence under the following heads :

  • Non-adherence to the language code.

  • Disobedience to the members of the staff, violation of rules and regulation of the school.

  • Destroying or disfiguring school properties.

  • Writing on walls, benches and tables, running in the corridor.

  • Involvement in fights, quarrels, using abusive language or any scandalous activity.

  • Robbery, theft, cheating etc.

  • Forging signatures, not bringing school diary daily, tearing the pages or defacing it any manner, incomplete bio data and other details.

  • Absence without written note from the parents, irregularity in study and home work, other given assignments, non cooperation in co-curricular activities, school activities, habitual late coming, bunking class etc.

  • Bringing mobile, pen drive and other electronic gadgets in the school.

  • Commuting on self driven vehicles like bikes,scooty, car etc.

  • Lack of adherence to the school uniform, (low waist, Pants/Skirts, Narrow bottom, ankle socks etc).

  • Hair style(Spikes, jell, clips and slides, ornaments etc)

  • Violation of silence in the library, corridor and labs.

  • Non-compliance of any instruction given in the school diary under 'Campus Culture and Regulations'.