Curricular Activities


  • With a view of fostering quality of leadership and promoting a healthy competition among the students all the activities are organised on house basis.
  • The school has been divided into four houses. The houses are named JOSEPHITES (GREEN), MARIANS (BLUE), THOMASIANS(RED), TERESIANS(YELLOW). The house activities are under the supervision of the house instructors and the house captains.
  • These by their leadership will assist the school authorities in organizing the school activities.


  • The school is grouped into four houses and inter-house competitions are held in sports and games. Athletics and games are insisted on.
  • Picnics are frequently organized during the academic year. The school authorities, management and the staff will not be held responsible for any unforeseen accident or mishap during the picnics.
  • Properly organised and regulated co-curricular activities are just as much a part of sound education as studies. It is chiefly through these activities that the various facets of a child's personality are revealed and that such qualities as term spirit, self-confidence, sportsmanship, initiative and the proper use of leisure are developed.
  • Mere accumulation of knowledge is not enough in life. Some of the co-curricular activities encouraged are : public speaking (English, Hindi and Punjabi) dramatics, social service, drawing and painting, dancing and singing, games, PT athletics, educational films and work.



  • Suman Memorial Awards for ICSE Toppers.
  • Dhanpat Rai Memorial Award for Topper in ICSE Science & Methematics.


  • Harsatya Memorial Debate Awards.


  • Suman Memorial Football Tournament Awards.
  • Harsatya Memorial Cricket Tournament Awards.


  • All the students are encouraged to make the best of the library.
  • Only one book will be issued at a time. Failure to return the book on time will be fined.
  • Writing, making or underlining in the library books is absolutely forbidden.
  • Reference books, magazines, periodicals, newspaper etc. are issued: but not to be taken home.
  • Books lost, damaged or wrongly handled, have  to be paid for or replaced.
  • Perfect silence is to be observed in the library.


The council consists of the Head Boy and Girl, vice - Head Girl and Boy, Discipline-in-Charge. Games Captian and Vice-Games Captain, the four House Prefects and Vice-Perfects and a Social Service incharges, wall-magazine incharges, guest room and Prayer room incharges, Literary Perfects and Cultural Activity Prefects.


  • They should ensure that the leaders carry out their duties in a responsible and impartial manner.
  • They should command the whole school in discipline at prayer assemblies and all school gatherings.
  • They should be constantly alert, observant and sensitive to the needs of the school and act promptly after consulting and getting orders from the Principal.
  • They should show exemplary behaviour with head held high, providing a shining example of leadership, trust, courtesy, love and goodness.
  • They should bring to the notice of teachers minor day to day problems of students like fights, misunderstandings, injuries, damage to school property, missing articles etc.


Special attention shall be paid by class teachers in choosing suitable leaders:-

  • Leaders must be as far as possible exemplary in conduct and industrious in their studies.
  • They must be able to command respect in the class.
  • They are employed for all assistance in the class e.g. maintaining discipline, reporting to concerned authorities about various needs of the classe etd.
  • The leaders will be responsible for all happenings in the class during the absence of the teacher.
  • The leaders have to realise that to be a leader is a special privilege and honour. To betray the trust and confidence reposed in them's to commit a most degrading act.
  • Once in two months a meeting of leaders will be held for improving discipline and redessing grievances.
  • It is incumbent on all leaders to report to the Principal, the teacher incharge or the class teacher any breach of discipline noticed even during the recess.
  • In the case of a teacher being absent, they must inform the office within the first five minutes from the commencement of the periods.
  • They should record daily teaching-learning process in the class.