St. Joseph's Convent School


The School has profound faith in self-discipline as it believes that discipline is essential in all walks of life. It is an integral tool for the development of personality and is the essence of a well –ordered and successful life. So the students should obey certain regulations aimed at the growth of the entire school and more so of the individual student.

  • St. Joseph’s Convent School is proud of its eco-friendly, serene and peaceful environment. Defacing any part of the campus is treated as an offence.
  • Deeply committed to uploading the value systems of St. Joseph’s Convent School, it expects its students and staff to conduct themselves in a worthy manner in their dress, demeanor and discipline.
  • Courtesy and politeness will be the hall mark of the pupils who must greet all staff members, visitors and elders showing due respect in or out of the school campus.
  • Pupils must attend the school regularly.  The warning bell is a signal for all to go to their respective classrooms.
  • Use of acusive language in written or oral form by any student is a serious offence and such students will not be allowed to continue in the school if he/she does not give up such habit.
  • All pupils are expected to be present for the assembly.
  • The student must stand up when the teacher enters the classroom, remain standing till they are directed to sit.  When the attendance roll is called, each one must rise and answer to his/her name or register number.
  • Every student must bring his/her school diary and identity card daily.
  • Serious disciplinary action will be taken against a student who submits fabricated or fake leave letters or medical certificates to justify his absence. Forgoing the signature of anyone including those of one's parents will be considered as serious criminal offence. If any such behaviour is detected the student will be suspended from the school with immediate effect.
  • All pupils are expected to be neat and clean and wear the prescribed school uniform.  Shoes need to be well polished.  A student who is shabbily dressed may not be permitted into the classroom.
  • All the students must converse in English at school, and in the school bus.
  • The students should behave in a refined manner wherever they go and show gentleness and courtesy to their companions.
  • Running in the corridors is prohibited.  Movement of the students in the corridors of the school building during lecture hours of the school is not permitted.Classroom discipline should be maintained.  They must avoid loud talks in and out of classes and also chorus answers.  Silence in corridor, in the library and laboratories is a must.
  • The Students are not permitted to arrive too early to the school campus. He/She will be allowed to enter the school building or the classroom only 10 minutes before the assembly bell.
  • Proper care should be taken of the school property.  Damage to school property will be penalized.
  • Litter must be put into the litter bins/dustbins.
  • Students are expected to make use of the library during free periods.
  • Money should not be lent or borrowed nor articles be exchanged among the students.  The school will not be responsible for articles or money lost.
  • Students are not allowed to bring to school objectionable literature, valuable articles, video games, mobile, i-pods, i-phones etc. which, if found, will be confiscated and may not be returned and also they are not allowed to bring any equipment/material which may cause injury or hurt others.
  • Pupils must report to the class teacher in case of any sickness, bruise, any breakage, any errant behavior.
  • Pupils must take permission for leaving the classroom from the class teacher or subject teachers and for leaving the school from the principal.
  • It is strictly forbidden for children to consume junk food. The parents are requested to supply homemade healthy and hygienic food items as the tiffin to be brought to the school.
  • Pupils must note that systematic and regular class work, home work, follow up by way of correction is essential for satisfactory academic performance.  Participation in extracurricular activities/games and sports will help total personality development.
  • Pupils are not permitted to attend parties, watch movies or go to friend’s house on their way back home from school.
  • Bullying is strictly prohibited inside the school premises and no such act will go unnoticed or unpunished.
  • Commuting on self driven vehicles by underaged students is strictly prohibited.