Admission is restricted by the policies of the Management and by condition of age and ability.

  • The age of admission is 3 years for NURSERY.
  • New admission in different classes is subjected to the vacancies in each class, in the month of March after the Annual Results are declared.
  • Any attempt to use friends or influential people in procuring recommendations for admissions will lead to disqualification.
  • A candidate who has entered any recognized school cannot be admitted without a Leaving Certificate from the school he/she has last attended.


Every new pupil must bring:

  • A Leaving Certificate, if the pupil comes from a recognized school.
  • The  Original Municipal Certificate in the case of Non-Christians and a Baptismal Certificate in the case of Christians.  
  • Pupils applying for admission, are as a rule, subject to an entrance examination held at the beginning of the academic year.  They must bring pen, pencil but no special books are required.  They will be tested in the standard below the one to which they seek admission.
  • Date of birth and name once registered will not be altered.
  • A candidate who  join fresh from home or from a private school has to produce a Municipal Birth Certificate with the name of the child, in support of the date of birth entered in the Admission form.

The Principal reserves the right of admission.


  • A fortnight’s notice is to be given before the withdrawal of a student. Such notice should be given in writing by the parents or guardians.
  • No Leaving Certificate is issued unless all dues to the school have been paid in full and Library books etc.returned.
  • The parents who regularly make complaints and are not satisfied with the facilities provided by the school management, who create undue demands and vitiate the peaceful atmosphere of the school and cause tension to the management, will be given notice to withdraw their ward; if not withdraw, T.C. will be issued along with their progress report after the final exam.
  • Students can be withdraw/removed from the school by the school authorities on any one the following grounds as under:-
    1. Constant weakness in studies.
    2. Irregularity in attendance.
    3. Habitual idleness.
    4. Behavioral problem.
    5. Involvement in sexual harassment.
    6. Sexual misconduct with the students of opposite or some gender.
    7. Sickness liable to be injurious to himself/herself or contagious to other students.
    8. Overage in any class.
    9. Non-payment of the fees or chronic irregularity in payment.
    10. Moral breach considered serious by the school commitee.
    11. Those who create any problem for the proper running of the school.
    12. Disobedience to the school rules and regulations.