Manager Message

"With folded hands we stand before Thee Psalms of praise we sing to thee Great and marvelous are Your deeds o lord" 

It gives me immense happiness to know that St. Joseph's Convent School, Hoshiarpur, Punjab is to bring out the school magazine this year. The students get ample opportunities to bring out their latent talents in various ways. Education in the present scenario is a great challenge. I am proud to see that the students are becoming smart and acquiring competency in different fields of life activities. We need to appreciate the God given talents in us to discover the gifts so that we may discover the creativity and purpose of life. The study 

all other activities are lessons to learn about our life towards God. Be always the instruments of mercy because it was we who first received mercy from God. Be genuine with others, knowing that God showers his goodness upon us with immense generosity. The best proof that you love God lies in your mutual love and charity. Regard others as better than yourselves. 

I congratulate the Principal, staff and students of St. Joseph's Convent School, Hoshiarpur and wish all the success and God's graces to the Editorial Board for their initiative in bringing out the school magazine. 

May god bless all our efforts for empowering the society for a bright future! 

With warm wishes and God's blessings.