St. Joseph’s Convent school is a Christian minority school under the Management of the CMC sisters, a religious order founded in Kerala in 1866, in order to impart education especially to women and children. Ever since its Origin, the sisters have been active in the field of education. The lives of many young girls and boys, belonging to different classes and religious communities and linguistic groups are being shaped and molded in these institutions.

Opened in 1972, St. Joseph’s Convent School is affiliated to the Council for the Indian Certificate School Examination which has statutory recognition of the Government of India as one of the main All India School Examination bodies. The school receives no Government and private aid and fee is its only income. Hence, fee has to be adjusted from time to time to keep up with the rising costs and salaries. The running of the day to day activities of the school is invested in the Principal.

Our Vision

We, the C.M.C Sisters of Pushparam Province inspired by a vision, drawn from the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, our Supreme Guru and formulated by our founder fathers, stand for the total formation of the human person and the upliftment of women through education. This vision and principles give our educational institutions a specific character. Human Excellence being a priority, the thrust in our schools is to put into effect the ideals of humanism. We aim at forming children into well integrated, mature, patriotic, compassionate and socially conscious human beings that they become men and women for others.

Our Objective

Our objective is to promote total development of the students so as to be fully human, intellectually competent morally sound, spiritually oriented, loving, caring and committed to the cause of justice and truth, being actively concerned about National Development.

Core Values

  • Faith in God.
  • Moral uprightness
  • Human excellence
  • Forgiveness
  • Humility and Patriotism